House of Commons launch

Celia Barlow MP sponsored the launch of Pembroke Care Group's training pack, 'Don't Panic', the complete answer to Fire Safety, on 26th October 2006 at the House of Commons .

The new legislation introduced on 1st October 2006 has meant a move towards greater emphasis on fire prevention in all non-domestic premises. This means that employers and persons in charge of care and nursing homes must carry out a Fire Risk Assessment and ensure the safety of all those who may be affected by the risk of fire. More importantly, they must ensure that staff understand the new rules. To this end, they should also provide information and training in fire precautions and emergency arrangements.

These precautions include training in fire safety emergency arrangements, fire prevention and fire safety procedures, all of which are now required by law. The 'Don't Panic' training package helps organisations meet the training requirements in a simple and enjoyable way - so that staff are fully prepared to deal with a fire emergency.